Friday, June 25, 2010


You can see more pictures of my snaggle tooth here.


Things I'm not supposed to do:
1. Go to parts of the house where adults have clearly made an effort to prevent me from entering.
2. Go up and down the steps onto the tile without something soft to brace my fall.
3. Play with lighter fluid.

Things my mom found me doing when she was clearly not paying attention to me, at all:
All of the above.

Proper Sun Protection

Some of Charlie's family members totally disregard the use of sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses- but he is way smarter than that. Here he is putting on his new favorite hat (his old favorite hats are now too small for his head) from Grammy and Grandpa.

Happy Birthday Ann!

Ann's birthday was June 3. She still has a few more years to go before the big 4-0, unlike some other very old people.


Charlie always has bruises and scratches on his face, and he never gets upset. He's a real man's man.

Crazy Boys

David took the boys on a short boat ride- short due to the weather- and it was very lucky timing because when he left on the boat alone it broke down immediately. All the boys took turn driving the boat.

Charlie's Best Friend

Carla is Charlie's best friend, and he misses seeing her every day!