Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give 'em hell, Duke!


Charlie's primary interests are anything that he shouldn't be playing with, like knives or heavy objects or magazines that you want to read later not covered in drool or with pages ripped out. He likes to stand up at the coffee table to see what there is to get into.


Charlie only has figured out how to crawl backwards. He mostly enjoys crawling backwards under furniture. He then hangs out there until he realizes he can't move any more and he yells for someone to get him out.

After I took the above pictures, I moved him back out to his toys. Literally 30 seconds later, I looked back and he had backwards crawled across the room back to the same chair, and was backwards crawling under a different side.

Kate's Baby Shower 2

PS. Kate and her sisters had lots of knit sweaters from lots of Marm-marms and the baby got some new ones!

Kate's Baby Shower